Superior Performance over lead-acid batteries

60% lighter
400% more power
300% longer life
25% cheaper £
CE standards

Recreational Applications

Light weight energy storage batteries used by leading marine and motorhome manufacturers providing superior storage capacity & discharge rates, at a lower price per year than like for like AGM batteries. The only approved Lithium battery for use in MORELO, Carthago, Rapido, Adria, Knaus, Auto-Sleeper and many more. 

High performance, reliable power batteries for extreme conditions used by leading motorsports teams across the world from Enduro and MotoGP to Le Mans and Rally. Approved by KTM, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus and many more.

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Industrial Applications

Mobile energy storage for airport ground equipment and power units to large scale energy storage systems holding a massive amount of energy, Super-B batteries help build a sustainable energy grid to meet the climate needs.

Power you can depend on in the most extreme conditions. Integrated with solar, Super-B offer solutions for micro grids ideal for remote construction and mining sites, or for remote towns of developing nations, reducing the infrastructure costs and impacts on the environment.

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Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Andrena 12v2.5AH

Capacity: 2.5AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v5AH

Capacity: 5AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v7.5AH

Capacity: 7.5AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v10AH

Capacity: 10AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v15AH-SC

Capacity: 15AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v15AH

Capacity: 15AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v20AH-SC

Capacity: 20AhVoltage: 12V

Mason 12V20Ah

Capacity: 20AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v20AH

Capacity: 20AhVoltage: 12V

Mason 12v25AH

Capacity: 25AhVoltage: 12V

Andrena 12v25AH

Capacity: 25AhVoltage: 12V

Epsilon 12V100AH

Capacity: 100AhVoltage: 12V

Epsilon 12V150AH

Capacity: 150AhVoltage: 12V


Capacity: 210AhVoltage: 12V


Capacity: 340AhVoltage: 12V


Capacity: 105AhVoltage: 12V

Dealer Application

We want dealers to represent the Clean Energy Living brand and our high-end energy products in the best possible way to our customers. We need companies who will embody our clean energy values and share our passion for the environment. This vision can only be achieved with the help of strong partners.

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