OZEV Approved home chargers
Smart phone app connectivity
Ultra-fast high capacity
Point of use card payment options
CE standards

Charging at home or work

Ideal for charging over longer periods of time, Floading AC single phase and three phase chargers are OZEV approved eligible for the £350 OLEV grant. The 7kW single phase AC charger is ideal for most household charging, with the 11kW and 22kW three phase AC better suited to work place, hotel and other destination applications

The chargers come with integrated 5m type 2 cable. Wall or pole mounted with a compact and stylish design and inbuilt security to prevent unauthorised use. Smart Phone app connectivity for charge scheduling.

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Commercial charging

Away from motorway service stations commercial charging is about convenience at strategic locations. Our wide product portfolio of 22kw AC up to 180kW DC chargers provide the right solution for any location whether that’s ancillary revenue at holiday home parks, restaurants, hotels and retail parks to fast charge point service stations. Pay at point of use credit card readers, or tag readers, are easy for customers to use. Air Cooled and low maintenance costs help minimise installation and operating costs increasing availability and profitability.

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EV Chargers

Power Bay 60KW

DC Fast charger with a maximum output of 60kW

Power Bay 120KW

DC Fast charger with a maximal output of 120 kW

Power Bay 180KW

DC Fast charger with a maximal output of 180 kW

Mobile Charger DC

Charge your vehicle with ease, wherever you want

Power Arrow AC

Ideal charging station vor locations where more electric vehicles need charging

Power Arrow Bus AC

Simple and safe AC charging solution specifically designed for electric buses

Power Capsule DC

Strong performance in a friendly design

Energy Trailer

Off-grid charging solution for the most remote locations

Power Dot Pro

An excellent charger choice available with 7 kW, 11 kW or 22 kW charging capacity

Dealer Application

We want dealers to represent the Clean Energy Living brand and our high-end energy products in the best possible way to our customers. We need companies who will embody our clean energy values and share our passion for the environment. This vision can only be achieved with the help of strong partners.

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